My review on the best tea kettle

Sixteen months of daily use later, my kettle works (and looks) as it did the day I received it. Highly recommended.

I've owned this best tea kettle for little over a month and am very happy with this purchase. It's rated at 1500W, so I just need to remember not to use my toaster (on the same circuit) while boiling water. Since it boils .5 liters in less than two minutes, I don't need to wait too long before making toast. Other than at breakfast, this kettle is put to use at least two or three times every evening and all throughout the day on weekends.

The glass construction is sturdy and flaw-free, while the stainless steel heating plate stands up well to the (somewhat hard) San Jose water. Every couple of weeks I'll swish around some white vinegar and the kettle is once again like new.

For those concerned with BPAs, there is a small mesh screen for the pouring spout, and appears easy to detach from the lid if not wanted. I do not notice any plastic odors or flavors from leaving it in place.

I do like the blue LED illuminating the kettle, it's evocative of a traditional kettle over a gas flame. The kettle automatically shuts off roughly ten seconds after reaching a full, rolling boil. A very good value. - whatprogress

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